Texts From Last Night App Reviews

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Shiitiest upgrade ever

Now I lose all my favorites, have to be a member to make new ones & stare at a different font style? EPIC SHITTY FAIL

Pretty good

Boo to the ugly icon. Boo to having to become a member to add favorites. Boo to some of the ugly anti-Canada stuff theyve had of late. But overall its a pretty hilarious app.


This website/app was one of the funniest things I had ever seen! However, recently the texts have been rude and very insulting to my nation. Very disapointed :( I will never use this app again.


I just wanted you guys to bring back the old loading screen

Get over it

Everyone complaining about how offensive this is to Canada, shut your mouth. Im Canadian and I think its hilarious. Learn to take a joke

So funny

Im Canadian and I find this app awesome. TFLN is truly just that and I recommend this app all the time!!

Love the website, hate the app.

My app doesnt even work anymore! It posts multiples and doesnt give me new posts. Fail.

Fix it please!!

Love this app but its not working! Doesnt load the new texts, the page is just blank. Also I find it wrong that we paid for the app but you want us to pay again just to have the moderate option. That should come with it.


TFLN just isnt what it used to be.

my most favourite app ever !!

I love this app so much !! its so funny and it makes me wish I was there with th person whenever they sent the text ! haha

A better me

This app will make you a better person

Great app, till now...

This app is great and does a great compliment to the website but this new update has brought with it several error messages and glitchy problems. Want update to fix these. Does the submit viw phone work too? Or is it Just cause Im in Canada? Cause my texts dont seem to post...also I cant enter my area code it just isnt responding when area codes are trying to be typed in on the latest version...

Absolute crap

Keeps trying to force you to rate it every time you open it. Does not load properly, loads doubles, just doesnt work. Save your money and dont buy this piece of crap

Good App

Crashes sometimes, but other than that its pretty good!

Upgrade Fail

This used to be a decent app, but since upgrading its become a POS. Whiny losers keep begging for a review so here it is: save your money and avoid this app.

Great, cept for the stupid update

Why did you have to ruin a great app by forcing people to rate the app before you can enter it? I still enjoy it but you lost stars because of such a stupid marketing thing

Not bad

Good for a laugh


Simply hilarious! Whats more funny is trying to imagine the circumstances that generate such texts! I read these every day!

Endless entertainment

Constant reading fun... App crashes now and then and keeps prompting for s review other wise full stars.

Awesome app , long hours of laughing .

I can literally sit here and read these texts for hours at a time .

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